Singapore Stock Clock V2

I thought the original one needed tweaking.

Plonked it on a big canvas for croppability as a phone wallpaper!

Is it better or worse? Tell me what you think!

You can download the png here:

Singapore Stock Clock: A Quick Way to Track International Stock Market Timings

I invest in stocks from time to time. (I started off with the SAXO Trader platform, which has been convenient so far.) (Chill, they’re not a sponsor.) (Yet.) (Plz.)

In the wake of this downturn, I habitually check out the US stocks every night at 9.30pm when the NASDAQ/NYSE opens. I do this to keep a more watchful eye on opportunities and potential losses.

As I trade in many countries’ exchanges, keeping track of each timezone’s stock exchanges gets tiring. The list on was a helpful reference, but I thought a single, unifying graphic would be easier to grasp the different timezones intuitively.

Check it out:

Note: Pre-Open/Pre-Closing Hours are excluded. If you want those details, the following table is for you.

Just to condense things even further, I thought it would be helpful to make a 24-hour clock to summarise the trading hours in a single graphic:

Next Steps:

  • The clock is currently purely for the SG time zone (GMT+8). It should be pretty simple to make it easy for my source files to display relevant clock/clocks and tables for other time zones.
  • A brief explanation of Daylight Savings time!

I hope you like these graphics. Please lemme know if there’s

-Anything I missed out

-Any parts you want clear explanations on

-Any other ways to improve

You can post your feedback in the comments! I look forward to it 🙂