The Ultimate Singapore Chocolate Chip Cookie Comparison 2

The list is up to 10 cookies! Shoutout to theplayfulpeach for suggesting I expand part 1. Before I describe the results, let’s dive right into the stats at a glance:

Green = bestest

Cheapest Individual Chocolate Chip Cookie: Subway (again!)

Note: I excluded the bulk pricing (e.g. 3 cookies for $3.50 = $1.17 per subway cookie) for neatness this time, but also because the bulk pricing doesn’t change the winners in all my categories here. Nonetheless, I’ll share em at the end of this post for ya ref.

Cheapest Chocolate Chip Cookie by mass per dollar: Marks & Spencer!

Biggest Chocolate Chip Cookie by Volume: 12 Cupcakes again!

Heaviest Chocolate Chip Cookie: 12 Cupcakes (maintaining da spot!)

Densest Chocolate Chip Cookie: Jewel (beating Ben’s, now in 2nd place)

What about taste?

With taste being so subjective, I’ve left it out of this comparison – cold data only for the fairest stats. Still, if I had to lend my opinion, I’d break down taste into density and flavour.

If you love cold, dense, chewy cookies like me, I’d recommend the Starbucks cookie and the Jewel cookie – they’re tied for a pretty great bite density.

For flavour, I hate to say it, but Famous Amos takes the cake for my fave amongst the lot. They’re pretty pricey, and chewy cookies are not their main product, but there is surely some mastery in the ingredients they’ve put in that dough. It’s worth mentioning that Folks & Stories’ brown butter and PPP Coffee’s Marou chocolate chips make for interesting flavours too, if you’re looking for something a little different than the average cookie.

While we’re on subjective thingies, I will say that PPP Coffee had some very chio browning on their cookie. Paired with the large size and unique flavour, this is probably the one you’d wanna get a date or something (I swear I am not sponsored). Check this chioness out:


Hope you found this useful! Lemme know if you think there’s:

  • Anything I can add to this (obsession)
  • Anything I coulda done better
  • Anything I missed out!

You can lemme know in the comments, I’d love the feedback.



The Ultimate Singapore Chocolate Chip Cookie Comparison Table

Cookie Measurements

I love chewy cookies.


I thought it would help to do a cookie comparison to find the best chocolate chip cookie for your buck. Sparked by a friend who sent me cookies from someplace new (Iamnotsponsoredhor), I bought some of my usual chocolate chip cookies to make a big cookie comparison. Here’s the list of chocolate chip cookie contenders:

  • Subwayyyyy
  • Starbucks
  • 12 Cupcakes
  • Ben’s Cookies
  • Folks and Stories

Let’s start with their Dimensions.

12 Cupcakes has the biggest chocolate chip cookie of the lot, with Folks & Stories has the teeniest at 7.6cm (about the length of a namecard)! However, this wouldn’t be complete without thickness:

As suspected, Folks & Stories makes up for its smaller diameter by having the thickest chocolate chip cookie of the lot!

Note: Given their list of unconventional cookie flavours, Folks & Stories doesn’t seem to have a “Chocolate Chip Cookie” per se. I picked their Milk & Dark Chocolate cookie (which they name “N°1 SALT OF THE EARTH”) for this comparison.

Weight (Actually Mass)

  • Subwayyyyy – 46g
  • Starbucks – 101g
  • 12 Cupcakes – 116g
  • Ben’s Cookies – 76g
  • Folks and Stories – 53g

As expected, the Subway cookies are lightest of the lot, but it’s more than justified by their price!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Comparison Table

I compiled the stats in this table to find the densest cookie of them all and the worthiest cookie of them all.

Highlighted: The best of each category!

Cheapest Individual Chocolate Chip Cookie: Subway (for both bulk and non-bulk pricing!)

Cheapest Chocolate Chip Cookie by mass per dollar: 12 Cupcakes (also for all pricing!)

Biggest Chocolate Chip Cookie by Volume: 12 Cupcakes

Heaviest Chocolate Chip Cookie: 12 Cupcakes

Densest Chocolate Chip Cookie: Ben’s Cookies

I was surprised to find that 12 Cupcakes had the cheapest chocolate chip cookies per gram, even though I consider them on the pricey side. I would say that if you don’t need so much bulk in one cookie, and just enjoy cookies, I’d get the three cookies from Subway for $3.50 and munch away (tip: they’re cheaper in universities at student price!)

Why Chocolate Chip Cookies?

There are so many flavours out there, but I feel that the classic chocolate chip cookie is the best representation of cookie dough and toppings coming together without distracting each other too much. For instance, double-chocolate cookies are more like a judgement of chocolate than anything else, and peanut butter cookies are overwhelmed by the pure taste of peanut butter. Chocolate chip cookies have little bursts of chocolate, but just enough that the dough itself can shine. I love em.

What about taste?

I wanted to use objective data for this cookie comparison! Everyone has their own preference for what the best part of a cookie’s taste is. For me, I’m particularly a fan of dense bites and complex flavours. I gotta say, the Starbucks chocolate chip cookie has my favourite bite density of them all, while I would pick the Folks & Stories chocolate chip cookie for flavour – I think it’s the browned butter that gives it an edge!


Of course the cheapest way of getting your chocolate chip cookie fix, if you weigh out all the ingredients and prices and divide them out per cookie, is baking yourself a batch at home. I’m a big fan of this article by J. Kenji López-Alt, where he breaks down all the effects of each ingredient on the outcome of a great chocolate chip cookie. I think I’ll share my recipe in another post.

Hope you found this useful! Comment to suggest any other comparisons you’d like to see!

Behind the Scenes

The Ultimate Singapore Kopi O Kosong Peng Comparison Table

I dislike bubble tea.

Haters gonna hate.

Coffee tho. I’m a coffee guy. There’s something about the taste of black kopi (o kosong peng) that gets diluted with milk n sugar. That strong, bitter taste is rocket fuel to start the day.

Rocket Fuel

In my last post, I showed you how saving $3.60 on coffee could save you $10,000 at 35. The list of coffee prices was rough, so I thought I would get more specific and list all the prices of Singapore’s popular coffee spots.

I make these things to budget my life better. I hope you find em useful too.

Let’s start with cold coffee!

Note: Coffee bean only has one cold brew size, compared to Starbucks’ three.

ALSO, you can see that the maximum savings you can get is $5.50 a day on cold, black (heartless) coffee. According to my calculator (you can download it here), that’d save me $15,467 at 35.

$15,467 saved!

I thought it would also be interesting to list the prices for hot black coffee, which would eventually show us the price of ice after a quick subtraction.

The most you could save here is a comparable $5.3. Of course, a kopi o kosong is not the same as a Large from Coffee Bean. You might have to drink a little less coffee a day to make those savings. Ask yourself how much caffeine you really need.

Thought it would help to compile em all in a big graph too:

An awesome graph of coffee prices in Singapore.

Aaaand ice price!

Interesting to see the increase in markup on ice for smaller vendors. That extra 20c-$1.30 would amount to an extra $562 – $3,656 at 35.

I hope you found these tables and charts useful. I’ll be adding more coffee prices here as I see them, and the next topic will be on something close to heart – cookies.


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